RFA + Fingerprint: Partnership Launch – June 2021

3rd June 2021 by Brielle Hewitt

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Watch the full launch video here.

Thursday 3rd June 2021, London, UK.

As the Market-leading IT, financial cloud, and cybersecurity provider RFA is pleased to announce its partnership with leading Regtech communications monitoring company, Fingerprint. Focused on delivering joint industry knowledge-sharing and learning initiatives and a formal business partnership.

As like-minded companies, we have joined forces to create learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities within the industry. The overall objective of the partnership is to connect the dots between firms’ IT and Operations functions and the Risk and Compliance functions. In addition, to support digital transformation and technology adoption to help firms create a more holistic oversight of their structured and unstructured data to meet their strategic, operational, and compliance needs now and into the future.

George Ralph, Global Managing Director & CRO at RFA, states:

“This partnership is about extending that pro-active advisory role that we both have in our businesses to our clients and the wider industry —using our experience and technology to advise our clients on what they should be doing next. A big part of that will be matching the regulatory burdens that businesses face with the technology and knowledge to be proactive and prevent breaches. But, most importantly, it is about bringing our communities together to share their knowledge and experiences to be thought leaders together”.

Sean Morgan, Commercial Director at Fingerprint, mirrored these sentiments:

“Both organisations are experts in our fields; we know our industry and subject matter inside out and live and breath it every day. There are things to be learned from some customers and passed onto others. We will be encouraging our communities to come together, promoting peer learning, and sharing our collective knowledge. There is a huge amount of innovation and ideas that come from our customers, which we can put into our products and services and deliver back. So there’s lots to be done and lots to be achieved”.

The pandemic has been the driving force for this joint approach, with risks presented to firms by remote working and hybrid working – with both insider and outsider risk being key concerns.

By working together to deliver a program of events for peer learning, both virtual and in-person, in addition to creating learning tools and case studies, RFA and Fingerprint hope to address these concerns with practical advice and shared knowledge. In addition, the companies will conduct joint research & development and share knowledge between the two businesses to begin connecting the dots for firms and functions between the structured and unstructured data and the technologies that they advise on and create.

Clients and the wider industry can expect some big subjects to be tackled –  “We will be focused on the centralisation of data, and we will be teaching our clients what abilities they have with the data they already own. RFA is very focused on the structured data, bringing sense to that data to use and make better business decisions. Fingerprint is bringing the unstructured data component and showing what can be done with that data. With data and the right technology, behavioral analysis and predictions, digital transformation, strategic management, and efficient and compliant operations are all possible. We will be showcasing what the possibilities are for our customers and the industry,” said George Ralph.

The initiative is critical to deliver for both businesses’ client bases, says Sean Morgan,

“Ultimately for those that are raising assets in the market in terms of investment from clients, institutional or semi-institutional investors will care about this stuff massively in their due diligence. They will want to see what controls and governance firms have in place, irrespective of what the FCA may ask of a firm. Leadership teams also value this insight over their business. This is beyond regulation; it is about placing importance on having an effective and resilient business”, said Sean Morgan.

Most importantly, as businesses whose shared ethos is to provide value and insight, George Ralph says

“We’re looking forward to having people together in a room, face to face, to promote ideas sharing and to ask questions. By doing this, we will begin to create a little community of peer-to-peer educators”.

The first RFA + Fingerprint learning workshop will be held on 17th June at RFA HQ. Numbers are limited; for full event details and to secure your place, email hello@fingerprint-supervision.com.

About RFA

RFA is a unique IT, financial cloud, and cybersecurity provider to the financial services and alternative investment sectors. RFA’s goal is to redefine the future of technological support through R&D, DevOps, data services, automation and machine-learning, providing clients with tomorrow’s edge today. RFA offers bespoke solutions to clients that are system-agnostic, secure, transparent and best-in-class. Supported by holistic advice and creating customized strategies for each client to get business processes and workflows to run with greater speed, security, ease of use and the utmost efficiency.

Headquartered in New York City and London, RFA serves more than 800 clients globally with additional facilities in Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Singapore and Luxembourg. RFA brings together a seasoned executive team and a committed group of over 250 highly skilled technicians, consultants, architects and engineers.

About Fingerprint

Fingerprint was created to service the Electronic Communications Supervision requirements of Regulatory Hosts, Financial Service & Alternative Investment Firms.  Five years later, and with 80+ clients onboarded, we are now one of the world’s largest providers of Unstructured Communications Supervision solutions to regulated firms.  We relentlessly focus on unstructured communications data, monitoring, and regulatory compliance. Our team boasts over 50+ years of industry experience.  We are enthusiastic innovators continually seeking ways to improve and empower compliance operations and processes with technology.

Fingerprint Supervision, our flagship platform, is a powerful Voice and eCommunications Monitoring system that makes meeting Financial Firm’s FCA obligations simple. The platform has been designed specifically for compliance professionals; it is an ever-evolving, open API system that enhances our client’s ability to meet their regulatory obligations.

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