Multi-Client Platform

What is a multi-client communications supervision platform?

A multi-client communications supervision platform allows compliance service providers such as Compliance Consultancies,  Regulatory Hosts and Outsourced CCOs to supervise the communications of hundreds of clients, Appointed Representatives or Investment Managers using one unified system.

The Fingerprint platform provides complete communications oversight for all your clients in one place, while you can onboard new clients in minutes and supervise communications at scale seamlessly.

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Key Benefits of the Fingerprint Multi-Client Supervision Platform

✔️ Complete communications oversight for all of your clients in a single system

✔️ Supervise hundreds of your clients with a compliance team of only a few people

✔️ Onboard new clients to the system in a few minutes

✔️ Offer communications supervision at scale seamlessly

✔️ Grow your business by providing communications supervision as a service profitably

✔️ Policy-driven system to deliver a quality monitoring service that keeps clients happy

How does it work?

The Fingerprint platform is specifically designed for multi-client use and is built to keep your client’s data secure. The platform ingests the chosen communication channels for each of your clients and stores all of their data in an individually encrypted store. Then, the platform automatically analyses all data on a client-by-client basis and risk ranks it. Your compliance monitoring team only need one login to supervise your entire client base – with access to all risk-ranked items for review and important in-platform investigation and reporting tools needed to evidence that you and your clients are staying compliant with their regulator.

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How can you use Fingerprint to grow your business?

We currently have a consulting client who has one full-time member of staff reviewing the risk-ranked items for 200 client firms. They then pass on any items that need further investigation to the relevant client manager using the platform’s in-built workflow tools. This has allowed this firm to increase the profitability of their $4.8M Communications Supervision revenue line by an extra $1.4M every year.

That means, using Fingerprint, they have achieved:

83% increase in consultant productivity

1,255% potential increase in client oversight capacity per consultant

25% profit increase annually


Multi-Client Oversight Case Study

Learn about how our customer is achieving unified communications oversight for their entire client base using Fingerprint.

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Sound good?

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