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16th September 2022 by Brielle Hewitt

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Fingerprint is expanding into the United States with the onboarding of one of the largest Outsourced CCO Service Providers in the US as a client, the opening of a North American office, and the hire of a US lead and team.

We are excited to announce the expansion of our compliance technology & regtech business into the United States, after a strong year of growth in 2021 that continues into 2022.

Fingerprint’s CEO & Founder, James Hogbin states:

“Our business continues to grow sustainably and with our clients at the heart of what we do, as we forge our own path in this very competitive market. As a business, we are excited to be expanding into the US. We look forward to supporting our first of many US headquartered clients, throughout this exciting time of technology adoption, supporting them to continue to be industry leaders in providing Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer services effectively and efficiently”.

Fingerprint’s Supervision Technology Platform has been implemented by one the largest dedicated Outsourced CCO companies in the US, to ensure they continue to provide market leading communications monitoring, supervision, and reporting on behalf of their client firms. We are looking forward to supporting other Outsourced CCO businesses, as well as directly regulated firms as we continue to grow into the North American market”.

Fingerprint’s US Expansion

Fingerprint’s US office will be led by Dan McCausland, who has been appointed as Head of North American operations. Dan has a breadth of experience on both sides of the Atlantic, including compliance roles at London asset managers.

Dan states:

“I am delighted to be leading Fingerprint’s move into North America. I’m looking forward to helping US firms to take advantage of our tech solutions to support better and more cost-effective compliance operations and oversight. Being on the ground in New York will allow us to work even more closely with our clients here and the benefits our product can provide our partners, both technically and financially, add up to a compelling opportunity”.

Dan is joined by Mark Princiotto as Sr. Enterprise Sales Executive, supporting Dan to continue to help new and potential clients in the US.

As part of our launch into the US market, we will be holding a webinar on the 5th of October, discussing the complexities of communications supervision and why it’s so important to use the right technology to do monitoring well. Find out how we can help your regulated business by signing up here.

Watch this space as we continue to grow, and if you would like to discuss how Fingerprint can support your organisation to achieve more efficient and effective compliant oversight programmes with our Supervision platform, chat with Dan: dan@fingerprint-supervision.com

About Fingerprint:

Fingerprint’s award-winning Compliance Automation Platform, Fingerprint Supervision is a powerful end-to-end voice and electronic communications monitoring and compliance workflow solution that enables financial organisations to run effective and efficient monitoring & oversight programmes. Our transformative API-based technology effectively supports financial organisations to exceed their regulatory obligations enforced by regulators across the globe. Our Supervision platform is a unified, scalable solution that supports the compliance operations of the smallest financial firms to the most complex multi-tenant Principals managing the oversight of hundreds of client firms. Our platform takes manual, time-consuming communications monitoring tasks, automates them, and changes flawed, complicated processes into streamlined and effective investigation and reporting workflows. Expect your firm’s multi-channel communications data to be consolidated, accessible and compliantly stored, and your compliance function’s output and reporting improve immeasurably.

Our Company

Established in the UK in 2016, Fingerprint supports 100+ clients globally. We are recognised as one of the world’s leading compliance technology solution providers, focused on communications monitoring for regulated firms. Our team relentlessly focuses on finding meaning in unstructured communications data, improving compliance processes and supporting regulated firms to comply with regulatory guidance frameworks. Our team boasts extensive and relevant industry experience, bringing our knowledge and learnings into everything we do. We are a dedicated team of enthusiastic innovators continually seeking to improve and streamline compliance operations with our technology and solutions.

E: hello@fingerprint-supervision.com | w: www.fingerprint-compliance.tech

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