Fingerprint + ISS LiquidMetrix | Partnership Announcement | December 2021

15th December 2021 by Brielle Hewitt

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ISS Liquid Metrix + Fingerprint | Partnership Launch | Dec 2021

Best of breed technology providers join forces to develop a holistic approach to regulatory supervision and oversight.

Leading provider of TCA, Surveillance, Execution Quality and Pre-Trade analysis services, ISS LiquidMetrix is pleased to announce a strategic partnership and platform integration with leading automated communications monitoring and compliance workflow provider, Fingerprint.

The partnership has been in the works for several months, with both companies running extensive industry consultation to understand the requirements of financial firms around automation and streamlining of processes for trade reconstruction and surveillance, communications monitoring and investigation, and regulatory reporting. What has become clear is that RegTech is providing solutions to many of the problems faced by firms that are striving to run compliant and effective monitoring programmes across the financial industry. Still, there is much room for improvement, particularly around siloed data, disconnected systems and technologies, and workflows and processes made more complicated when using multiple technologies and platforms.

The partnership will provide a solution to many of these problems, beginning with the development of a single sign-on, integrating the structured and unstructured data of both platforms into one cohesive alerting dashboard, giving compliance professionals a powerful holistic overview of their firm’s activities, alerts and case management.

Mark Ford, Managing Director of ISS Liquid Metrix, states:

“We share with our partners at Fingerprint the vision of an integrated and unified platform to provide critical surveillance of structured and unstructured data, and to that end  have implemented similar technology decisions in creating these services.

The similarity of our approaches to  Surveillance Alerting, Monitoring and Case management will significantly benefit clients with  a winning combination of best in-breed Surveillance platforms and a turn-key  solution to their most important Surveillance needs“.

As the partnership evolves and the financial industry’s technology requirements become more complex, the partners will work in tandem to create market-leading solutions and a truly holistic, user-centric, supervision platform.

James Hogbin, CEO & Founder states:

“There has been an explosion of data that is now flowing through firms due to the pandemic and the shift to remote working as well as volatile, active markets. Compliance professionals are struggling with workloads, and being asked to do more, with less, all while trying to run effective monitoring programmes, but often being hindered by limited, unfit for purpose systems. Therefore, we are delighted to announce a partnership with ISS Liquid Metrix – our clients and the wider industry are calling out for cohesive, streamlined supervision solutions. We are looking to work with best-of-breed market trade data solution providers, and ISS Liquid Metrix has proved to be a very suitable fit in terms of the user interface, data management, visualisation and reporting. Our approach to the supervision process and workflows is very similar and complementary to one another. We are really excited about the trajectory of this partnership and know this will be a welcome addition to the global RegTech market”.

If you would like to find out more about the partnership and how our integrated technology solutions can streamline and empower your trade and compliance supervision operations, please get in touch: |

About ISS LiquidMetrix:

Founded in 1985, Institutional Shareholder Services (“ISS”) empowers investors and companies to build long-term and sustainable growth by providing high-quality data, analytics, and insight. Comprised of seven discrete business lines, ISS is today the world’s leading provider of corporate governance and responsible investment solutions, market intelligence and fund services, and events and editorial content for institutional investors and corporations globally.

ISS LiquidMetrix is an independent provider of TCA, Execution Quality, Surveillance, and Pre-Trade analysis services. Our clients come from the buy-side and sell-side, as well as exchanges and regulators looking for actionable analysis and insights. LiquidMetrix is dedicated to helping clients meet their best execution performance and Surveillance Regulatory obligations by providing industry-leading client service and trade analytics. We appreciate that each client has a unique investment strategy that requires a solution for their specific needs.

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About Fingerprint:

Fingerprint Supervision is a powerful end-to-end voice and electronic communications monitoring and compliance workflow platform that empowers financial organisations’ surveillance programmes. It is a transformative API based technology that effectively supports financial organisations to exceed their regulatory obligations enforced by regulators across the globe. Fingerprint Supervision is a unified, scalable solution that supports the compliance operations of the smallest financial firms to the most complex multi-tenant Principals managing hundreds of Appointed Representatives. Our platform takes manual, time-consuming monitoring tasks and automates them, and changes flawed, complicated processes into streamlined and effective investigation and reporting workflows. Expect your firm’s multi-channel communications data to be consolidated, accessible and compliantly stored, and your compliance function’s output and reporting improve immeasurably.

Our Company

Established in 2016, Fingerprint supports 90+ clients globally. We are recognised as one of the world’s leading communications monitoring & compliance workflow technology solution providers to regulated firms. Our team relentlessly focuses on unstructured communications data, improving compliance processes and regulatory guidance frameworks. Our team boasts extensive and relevant industry experience, bringing our knowledge and learnings into everything we do. We are a dedicated team of enthusiastic innovators continually seeking to improve and empower compliance operations with our technology and solutions.

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