Unlocking the market | Regulatory Hosts & Umbrellas

6th November 2021 by Brielle Hewitt

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Why are Regulatory Hosts so important in 2021? How will they continue to contribute to a vibrant Financial industry in years to come? We discuss this and more in Evershed Sutherland’s latest ‘Unlocking the Market’.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has placed regulatory hosting and the¬†regulatory responsibilities¬†of principal firms and their appointed representatives under the spotlight in recent months.

For fledgling PE firms and hedge fund startups through to more established hedge fund businesses, choosing a Regulatory Host to support launches and continued compliance management can be a difficult one.

With Eversheds Sutherland leading the charge, we assembled a team of knowledgeable experts on the subject from Fingerprint, GRSS and IQ-EQ to start the conversation around the importance of regulatory hosting, what good practice looks like like, and how our collective service offerings can support your firm.

Download – Unlocking the Market | Regulatory Hosts & Umbrellas

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