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Meet our team in London, as we discuss the complexities of communications supervision.The team explore why it is so important to have your regulated financial organisation utilising technology to manage the risk in communications across your business, while meeting your regulatory obligations effectively and efficiently.

We discuss:

  • Why the operating environment has changed for most regulated businesses, and the risks this now presents.
  • Why a policy-driven approach to communications supervision is a great starting point to managing risk in your firm’s communications.
  • Touch on the regulatory obligations for communications monitoring for regulated firms in the UK, and why they need to be taken seriously.
  • How our compliance automation platform, Fingerprint, can help you and your team to do communications supervision well – saving cost and time, and supporting your compliance team to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

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We also have a pretty decent  Supervision Policy you can use – you might already have one, or you may not, but it’s worth checking out.

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