Achieving Multi-Client Oversight

Requirements & Challenges

A market-leading compliance service provider needed to find a way of monitoring the communications of their large client network to provide an industry-leading communications monitoring and risk management service in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Using the Fingerprint multi-client supervision platform, they can now:

  • Monitor all of their clients’ communications data in a single login, unified platform
  • Access all the tools needed for communications supervision, including investigation workflows, case management and reporting
  • Benefit from automated processes completed by the platform, which increases efficiency and allows their team to take on more clients while maintaining staff numbers.

The Fingerprint platform allows the firm to provide a market-leading communications monitoring service to hundreds of clients using a team of only a few Account Managers.

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200 clients monitored using the Fingerprint platform

£1.4mil increase to their communications supervision revenue line every year

29% profit increase annually

1255% increase in client oversight capacity per Account Manager

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Multi-Client Oversight Using RegTech

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