Fingerprint for Outsourced CCOs & Compliance Consultants

When you’re an Outsourced CCO or Compliance Consultant, trying to achieve effective and cost-efficient client oversight and monitoring services is difficult.

It’s hard, we know, to be fully responsible for the compliance function within your Clients’ businesses as an external third-party. You need to establish all of their compliance policies and procedures and ensure they’re adhered to, and you also need to effectively oversee and monitor all of their business activity to manage risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

Part of this oversight work is the requirement to monitor all Client communications for potential misconduct and financial crime, as per the regulator’s requirements. But communications oversight is only becoming more complicated with the many communication channels now use to work, which means an unfathomable amount of data you need to monitor, all off site.

So, just how do you gain oversight over all of your Clients in an efficient and budget-friendly way while running a profitable business model?

Using technology, of course!

Our compliance supervision platform is specifically designed for multi-client management – so that you can gain oversight over all Clients, monitor all communication channels, identify and investigate misconduct, and report on all of your findings within a single software platform, with only one login needed.

Fingerprint automates a lot of tedious, manual compliance work. So, with only a few consultants, using our platform they could easily supervise and manage hundreds of Clients, allowing your business to scale well and grow profitably.

With Fingerprint, you can transform oversight over your Client network:

Multi Tenant Management

Designed for multi-client management – gain unified oversight over ALL Clients within a single compliance platform, which includes all the triage, investigation and reporting workflows and tools you’ll need to do your job well.

save time

Improve efficiency, grow profitably and reduce costs – add more firms to your portfolio without needing to hire more people to manage them, allowing your business to scale really well.

Policy driven supervision

Policy-driven platform – our platform is driven by your compliance policies so that you can easily demonstrate to the SEC or FCA that you and your Clients are following their rules and regulations to a T.

API Integration

Fingerprint can integrate with your existing technology tools – complementing your daily compliance tech toolkit.

Success Stories

Learn how our Client has used the Fingerprint platform to oversee a large network of Client firms to save time, increase efficiency, and cut compliance costs. If you’d like to find out more about how our technology can support your firm, get in touch as we’d love to help!

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