Communications supervision, simplified

Everything you need to supervise all of your employees, clients or Appointed Representatives and their communications channels in a unified, policy-driven compliance automation platform.

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Who Fingerprint helps

We enable our customers to superscale their business. Making it easy to engage more clients and deliver better service faster.

Enhance your revenue growth, switch on new clients and instantly deliver full oversight and intelligent risk detection across all of their communications channels. Our policy-driven monitoring with automated case management ensures compliance for you and all your clients.

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Our Platform

Your compliance oversight business relies on being able to monitor all your client’s or appointed representative’s communication channels securely, to manage risk and meet regulatory requirements.

With so many communication channels available, effective monitoring could demand many different systems to monitor individual communications, with time, effort, and resources wasted on manual and administrative tasks.

Our Compliance Automation Platform makes it easy to engage more clients and instantly deliver complete oversight and intelligent risk detection across all their communications channels, with policy-driven monitoring and automation-enabled case management that provides everything compliance professionals need for the entire communications supervision process, ensuring compliance for you and all your clients or ARs.

With direct connectors to the business and messaging systems used by your clients, all communication channels can be ingested securely into a single multi-tenant environment.

Policy-driven compliance monitoring ensures that your clients meet their specific legal and regulatory obligations, which is increasingly important in today’s complex and ever-changing regulatory environment.

Intelligent risk detection identifies suspicious activity and prioritises the actions required for risk management with automation-enabled case management, providing all the tools needed to review, investigate and report on the results, satisfying regulatory requirements and enabling your business to deliver market-leading supervision services for your clients.

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The Benefits of Using Fingerprint

✅ Everything you need to deliver compliance oversight at scale.

✅ Rapid deployment through a unified and secure platform.

✅ Switch on new clients instantly with a secure multi-tenant architecture.

✅ Monitor all communication channels with direct connectors to your client’s or AR’s business and messaging systems.

✅ Highlight suspicious activity with Intelligent, automation-driven risk detection and ranking.

✅ Alert only relevant activity through policy-driven monitoring.

✅ Resolve alerts quickly with automation-enabled review, investigation and reporting workflows, with in-platform case management.

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